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CDM Consultants - Principal Designer

Paying attention to health and safety is essential during any construction project. Whether it’s a small build or a significant development, an experienced and supportive CDM consultant is vital. We can help you if you need a dedicated CDM consultant country-wide. Our knowledgeable and professional team of consultants provide reliable advice on construction design, managing risk, and best practice for health and safety during your project.

With years of experience, we've proven that we know the construction industry inside out and are able to provide the most up-to-date information for you and your business to remain compliant with all health and safety legislation. Our commitment to our clients is evident in the long-term relationships we maintain with every organisation that steps through our door.

With the help of our trusted experts, you can free yourself of the need for in-house health & safety professionals and ensure that your business remains low-risk and in control of all aspects of the delivery of construction and maintenance projects.

Support you can trust

Compton’s Consultancy is the consultant clients can trust. Our extensive knowledge of the CDM 2015 regulations means we can help you to fulfill your health and safety obligations during your construction project – we’re committed to making your project a success. With support from one of our consultants, you can be confident that your project is fully compliant with the regulations, that procedures are followed correctly, and that cost-effective health and safety solutions are in place at every stage of the project.

Qualified CDM consultants

Our team of experienced consultants are fully qualified, honest, and professional. We know that health and safety can often feel like a challenge, but we aim to make life easier. We work by getting to know your project, making prompt and accurate assessments and judgments about your health and safety priorities, and telling you what you need to know in order to comply with the CDM 2015 regulations. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure your construction project is safe and up to standard.

Get in touch now

Enquire now if you’re looking for CDM specialists for a construction project of any scale in the UK. We offer high-quality and reliable consultancy services at affordable rates, along with straightforward and dependable health and safety advice. We’re dedicated to helping every client’s construction project be a success from start to finish.

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